The parable about the Sower and the Seed is about a sower scattering seeds everywhere. The seeds that land on the roads that gets eaten by the crows. Like the person that heard the lord, but does not do anything about it and the evil one will come and snatch it away. The seeds that landed on the rocks is the person that hears the lord and at once receives it with joy. But since he has no root he does not last long. The seeds that landed on the thorns are the ones who heard the lord, but worries of this life. The seeds that landed on good soil is the ones who hears the lord and understands it.

The sower, Jesus and the people listening to Jesus. The lesson that they learned is that if you hear from your lord do what he says and do not ignore. This connects with my life because when someone told me a secret I was like the one who was planted on the rocks because it didn't last long until I told someone.

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