Story of Learning for Speacials

For Chinese Studies I learned how to play Chinese Chess. On Monday I had no idea how to play although I used to play when I was little. When my teacher asked if I knew how to play in the beginning I said no, but when I got used to playing I told her I know how to play because now I don't need to look at the instructions. Although my partner also knows how to play we had big arguments time to time. When that happens I take out the instructions book to prove my partner wrong. Some challenges for me were tests. Since I am in the MNN class it is very hard for me to get 100% on my Chinese test. How I am going to adjust is to study more for the tests because I don't study at all. Also I take a long time to read the lesson without pin yin. So I should read the lesson more often.

For art I learned how to use my fingers and hands to find out how to measure your face. This helps me to find out how much spacing I need when I am drawing my self portraits. This really helped me out when we were drawing our faces. In the beginning I had a lot of troubles but when I used this strategy I was able to do better than before I used this strategy. A challenge for me was the great ape portraits. My ape looked hard to draw so I didn't do good on drawing the face. But in the end my ape looked much better then in the beginning when I thought my ape will look horrible. I think I should ask my sister for tips on drawing well because I am not good at drawing.

For Music I learned how to read notes. For a long time I had no idea how to read notes, so when we were playing on the xylophones I was clueless. But I was saved by having to do a test on how to read notes. This helped me a lot because now the notes do not have any letters on them so I cannot rely on the letters beneath the notes. Some challenges are reading and remembering the notes. Sometimes when it has been a long time since the last music class I forget notes. To get over this problem I think I should write the notes every time I am on vacation.

For P.E. I learned how to dig/bump the ball in volley ball. All I know about volley ball was that he bump, set and spike. When I watch volley ball on tv it looks very easy to bump, set and spike but when I tried doing it, it was very hard. First I could barely have my hand over the net. Every time I bump the volley ball it goes out of bounds except for one time. Some challenges for me is swimming. I am okay at swimming, but I have to breath a lot when I have done a lap or so. To build my stamina I think I should run more and swim more during my spare time during the summer.

For counseling I learned how to find out how to help people from bullies. I was helped by role plays to help me understand how to help people from bullies. A challenge was that trying to understand what kind of bullying. I don't really get what kind of bullying are there. I only know that there is cyber bullying. To help me out how to find out what kind of bullying are there I think I should pay more attention during class.

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