Story of learning

I am not doing that good on my writing goals. I am trying to always show not tell, but sometimes I forget about my goal. Although I am doing it sometimes I think I was trying to do too much because of my goal. Sometimes I put too much detail that I may of made my story boring. In the beginning I was following my reading goal, but as I got used to reading realistic fiction I kept on getting realistic fiction books. I should try to go to the library more often and choose different genres. Like after the book fair I have only read realistic fiction books such as: Walk Two Moons, The Kid in the Red Jacket, and a few more books. I am so far doing good on my math goal. I am working with partners when I have the chance. And I sometimes learn from them. They either prove me wrong or tell me that I had made a mistake and teaching me strategies I forgot or new strategies to solve problem.

Since I have completed my math goal I am going to try not to use the calculator that often. Also try going with different partners which I have done only twice. I also want other people in my group to participate so maybe act like I don't know the answer. Sometimes I kind of copy my friend what he did so try not to copy from my partners or ask other people if I got the answer. Also I should always check my answer just in case I have made a mistake which I often do.

For writing I will should not make too much details because it may not make sense and they may get bored because of the amount of detail I have in my sentence. Also for the summer I should probably have a journal so I can remember what I did during the summer because I can develop my writing skills and remember my summer vacation cause it goes so fast. I also should pay a lot more attention during writing class cause I usually forget about what Mr. Daw has taught me. For reading do not read easy books. I can know that I am reading easy books by reading more than the amount of minutes I have read. But sometimes I can keep my pace of reading fast so I can read more pages than the amount of minutes.

My ultimate goal to get ready for 6th grade is to read. I usually don't read a lot so when I go to 6th grade I will struggle to finish books. I should read at least 20-30 minutes everyday. This will help me learn how to write and also helps me read much faster. I should also read books that are recommended from other people.

My real success this year for reading is that I am able to identify most of the authors message. For example for the book Walk Two Moons, I figured that the authors message was don't judge a person too early and also trust other people. For my writing was that I am able to make my stories into 3 proper paragraphs. Also I was able to have a lot of details in my sentences. For my math I was able to make fractions into common denominators. Also I am now able to multiply fractions which is a very big accomplishment for me. One of my challenges for reading was the literature circle books. Since I had to put a lot of connections and thinking. Also when I fall behind on reading I have a hard time trying to catch up. For writing I think my challenge was the realistic fiction story. On my story I had to make up a lot of things so that my story didn't have an authors message. For a narrative writing I didn't need to make up anything so it was easier. My math challenge was to work with problem solving. Sometimes they are very easy or just the right level. But once in a while I do get hard questions. I have to do deep thinking and later on have to have help from other people.

I have over come my reading challenge by actually reading faster. The first 10 minutes of my reading is the part when I am fast. Then I start to relax so I read very slowly. But now I relax just for 2 minutes and try getting my pace back. I have over come my writing challenge by trying to think of reality and reading other peoples stories to get ideas. My math challenge I have over come by asking my parents to give me key clues.

I have always brought my home work folder to school and do my home work. If I don't know that days home work I always do the next days home work. I always do best to finish my school work. I cooperate with my friends very well. I will explain something that they need help with. I don't usually offend them or get in a fight with them. I am very good at working with others in school. If I am asked to do something I will always try to do what they have asked. I also work well on the open responses. I do sometimes well on my study habits. When I am asked to show my work I always do but I my have some difficulty explaining.

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